Deliveries to our customers are made in accordance with the jointly settled supply agreement subject to the contractual formulas (Incoterms) that apply to the international trade of goods. Depending on your needs and the urgency of the shipment, we perform deliveries and export with the greatest possible flexibility by courier, air freight, sea freight or land transport. To facilitate this, we work very closely with all well-known forwarding agencies and courier services, and can also offer attractive delivery conditions right up to the destination, if required. The packaging of the goods that EuroTech Supply ships and exports fulfils all the requirements for international shipping and complies with general international standards (e.g. IPPC). The export of hazardous goods with the correct hazardous goods documentation in appropriate hazardous goods packaging is also possible as a matter of course.

In close consultation with our customers, the products are either shipped immediately, if extremely urgent, or consolidated into a collective delivery. This means that we collect the goods for a variety of different single orders from various suppliers and consolidate them into one single larger delivery for our customers. As a result, this makes significant cost savings possible for our customers.

EuroTech Supply GmbH & Co. KG provides all the international shipping documents required, which also comply with the respective import regulations of the destination country. We also prepare all the customs documents required for a smooth export process.


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