Quotation - Advisory

beratung The array of constantly updated tools we use at EuroTech Supply provides us with targeted access to thousands of products, brands and suppliers worldwide. We also know exactly which suppliers we can procure the required brands from both quickly and at the most cost-effective prices. This puts us in a position to respond to the reported needs of our customers in the shortest possible time by sending our offers containing all the requisite technical and commercial information.

In over 90% of cases, our customers already know exactly what MRO product requirements need to be covered in their facilities. As a rule, this means that the brands and manufacturers that come into question have already specified in advance. Despite this, we also offer alternative solutions if asked to do so. These may be cheaper and quicker to procure, while demonstrating the same qualities and technical properties and attributes. In support of this, and to aid evaluation and decision-making, we supply our customers with technical documentation, drawings, catalogues, etc. on the alternatives available.

If our customers are not sure about from which manufacturers or suppliers products need to be procured from, we deal with the efficient worldwide localisation of these sources so that we can offer of customers the products they need in the shortest possible time.

We view advising our customers in both technical and commercial aspects as a key building block for ultimately achieving the best needs-based results for our customers.


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